West Union Gardens Oregon: A Lush Oasis Revealed!

Exploring the Natural Wonderland of West Union Gardens, Oregon

Welcome to the enchanting world of West Union Gardens, a place brimming with natural beauty and fun for the whole family.

Located in the heart of Oregon, this hidden gem offers an array of activities.

From u-pick fruit adventures to tranquil walks, there’s something for all ages.

A Family-friendly U-Pick Paradise

Are you ready to pick your own fruit? Check out the amazing West Union Gardens.

Here’s a handy table to guide you through what’s available:

Season Fruit Fun Fact
Spring Strawberries Did you know they’re the first to ripen?
Summer Cherries They have a stone inside!
Summer Blueberries They are small but full of flavor.
Fall Apples There are so many kinds!
West Union Gardens Oregon: A Lush Oasis Revealed!

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Not Just Fruits: Veggies & More

West Union Gardens isn’t just about fruits.

Your family can find veggies too. Let’s take a look:

  • Tomatoes: Red, juicy, and ready for salad.
  • Cucumbers: Crunchy and perfect for pickles.
  • Peppers: From sweet to spicy, they have it all.
West Union Gardens Oregon: A Lush Oasis Revealed!

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Why Kids Love West Union Gardens

Kids always have a blast at West Union Gardens.

Here’s why children love coming here:

  • They get to pick their own snacks.
  • Running around the gardens is fun.
  • They learn about nature and farming.

Special Events for Everyone

Throughout the year, West Union Gardens hosts special events.

From pumpkin patches to holiday gatherings, there’s joy in every season.

Plan Your Visit

Before you visit West Union Gardens, check a few important tips:

  • Always check the garden’s calendar for the fruit schedule.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking.
  • Bring containers for your picked fruits.
  • Don’t forget to slather on sunscreen.

Frequently Asked Questions For West Union Gardens Oregon: A Lush Oasis Revealed!

What Is West Union Gardens?

West Union Gardens is a family-run farm in Oregon, renowned for its diverse selection of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. It offers U-pick experiences and seasonal produce.

When Does West Union Gardens Open?

West Union Gardens typically opens for the season in June, providing visitors with fresh produce through October, dependent on weather conditions.

Can You Pick Fruit At West Union Gardens?

Yes, visitors can enjoy the U-pick option for various fruits like berries and cherries at West Union Gardens during designated seasons.

Does West Union Gardens Host Events?

Absolutely, West Union Gardens hosts seasonal events, including farm tours and U-pick opportunities, that celebrate local agriculture and connect the community.

Are Pets Allowed In West Union Gardens?

West Union Gardens has a specific policy on pets; they request that visitors leave pets at home to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests.

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