West Union Gardens: Fresh Picks & Family Fun Await!

Discover the Joys of West Union Gardens – A Family-Friendly Farm Experience!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant life of West Union Gardens, a hidden gem that brings joy to families.

West Union Gardens: Fresh Picks & Family Fun Await!

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What Makes West Union Gardens Special?

West Union Gardens is more than a farm.

It is a place where memories bloom.

With its beautiful landscapes and family-friendly atmosphere, it’s one of the best places for wholesome outdoor fun.

Let’s delve into what makes this farm stand out!

A Bounty Of Berries

At West Union Gardens, berry season is a time of excitement.

From juicy strawberries to plump blueberries, there’s a rainbow of berries waiting to be picked.

Kids love the pick-your-own experience.

Learning While Having Fun

Learning about farming is a big part of the visit.

West Union Gardens takes pride in educating visitors.

All about sustainable farming and where food comes from.

Community Events

The farm hosts events throughout the year.

These include festivals, workshops, and holiday-themed celebrations.

Year-Round Harvest Calendar

Seasonality is key at West Union Gardens.

Check out what’s in season with our handy harvest calendar:

Season Fruits and Veggies
Spring Strawberries, Peas
Summer Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries
Fall Apples, Pumpkins
Winter Winter Squash, Root Vegetables

Family Funday at West Union Gardens

There’s an array of things to do at the farm:

  • Pick-your-own fruit fields
  • Tractor rides
  • Picnic areas
  • Playground for kids
  • Seasonal events

Why West Union Gardens is Great for Kids

Kids get to run, play, and learn in nature.

They also get to see plants and animals up close.

These experiences can spark a love for nature.

Educational Opportunities

West Union Gardens believes in hands-on learning.

Kids can learn about plant life cycles and healthy eating.

Safe And Sound

Safety is a top priority for West Union Gardens.

So parents can relax while kids explore freely.

How to Get the Best from Your Visit

Here are some tips:

  • Check the weather forecast
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Bring containers for picking fruits
  • Arrive early to beat the crowds
  • Don’t forget your camera!
West Union Gardens: Fresh Picks & Family Fun Await!

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A Sustainable Approach to Farming

West Union Gardens takes care of the earth.

They use eco-friendly farming practices.

These help to protect the environment.

Integrated Pest Management

This helps to reduce the need for chemicals.

Natural predators keep pests in check.

Water Conservation

Smart watering systems save precious water.

They ensure every drop goes to good use.

Composting And Mulching

These practices enrich the soil naturally.

And help produce the tastiest fruits and veggies.

Bringing the Harvest Home

You can take home fresh produce.

Or enjoy baked goods made from farm-fresh ingredients.

Farm Stand Favorites

The farm stand is a must-visit.

Here, you’ll find:

  • Seasonal produce
  • Homemade jams and jellies
  • Freshly baked pies
  • Local honey
  • and much more!

In Conclusion

West Union Gardens is a treasure trove of experiences.

It’s perfect for families looking for a day in nature.

With its year-round offerings and eco-conscious ethos.

It provides fun, education, and delicious produce all in one place.

Ready to create lasting memories?

Visit West Union Gardens for an extraordinary day out with your family!

Frequently Asked Questions Of West Union Gardens: Fresh Picks & Family Fun Await!

Where Is West Union Gardens Located?

West Union Gardens is nestled in the scenic area of Hillsboro, Oregon, offering a rustic, agricultural experience.

What Can Visitors Do At West Union Gardens?

Visitors can enjoy berry picking, explore the farm’s market, and partake in seasonal events at West Union Gardens.

Are Pets Allowed At West Union Gardens?

West Union Gardens has a no-pets policy to ensure the safety and cleanliness of their produce and grounds.

When Is The Best Time To Visit West Union Gardens?

The prime time to visit is during the harvest season, from June to August, when most berries are ripe for picking.

Does West Union Gardens Host Private Events?

Yes, West Union Gardens offers facilities for private events, including family gatherings and educational tours.

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